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Dryden, Red Lake, Sioux Lookout & Surrounding Areas

Dryden, Red Lake and the surrounding areas offer a great lifestyle hat includes easy access to the area’s many lakes and forests, ample opportunities for employment, affordable real estate, and rich, active communities that, in the case of Dryden, offer many of the features of larger urban centres as it is the community hub of the NWO region. With a population of close to 8,000, it is an ideal location to raise a family, launch a business or career, enjoy retirement, or immerse yourself in the great outdoors. Travel throughout the region and you are never far from a freshwater lake - Wabigoon, Thunder and Eagle - and all they have to offer.

Rated as one of the most affordable cities in NorthWestern Ontario for residential listings, Dryden itself is a mecca for families. As the regional centre for NorthWest Ontario, it has a rich array of services and employers in education, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and social services. With a long history, Dryden is home to people of many different cultures and backgrounds. It is a welcoming, inclusive community with something for everyone—sports, fitness, education, culture, the arts, festivals, year-round outdoor sport and recreational activities, and plenty of community spirit. In the middle of the boreal forest, the town is beautifully maintained and a safe community, featuring designated nature trails throughout the town and surrounding area.